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This website is operated by Foxie Group Pty Ltd (Foxie) on behalf of eview Connect. By using this website you agree to the conditions set out below. If you have any questions on these conditions, please call eview Connect on 1800 848 983.

How eview Connect works

Eview Connect helps customers save time, money, and headaches on utilities connections. The service is provided through this website and supported by a team of experienced staff available by telephone.
When you submit your phone number through this website, you are giving consent to Foxie to call you back to help you with your utilities connections. If you change your mind after providing your phone number, please contact us to decline a call-back on either enquiries@foxie.com.au or 1800 848 983.

Free to use

Foxie is able to help customers free of charge because we earn our revenue directly from the energy companies. You do not pay anything (either to Foxie or your energy provider) for using Foxie.

Legal disclaimer

Whilst Foxie makes every effort to ensure our service is of the highest quality, we do not (to the extent the law permits) accept responsibility for any loss which may arise from your reliance on information contained on this website or provided over the telephone.
Foxie will guide you on your quest to connect your utilities but in the end it is your choice and decision on which energy provider to select. For that reason, Foxie does not (to the extent the law permits) accept any liability arising from which utility provider you choose (including any delays in connection or any ineligibility for discounts).

In no case will Foxie be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages, including damages for loss of business or other profits arising in relation to the information on this website or the Foxie service more generally.
Foxie does not promise that our website will not contain any viruses and we accept no responsibility for foreign computer code that is introduced into your computer system through use of this website. We can also not guarantee that your access to our website will be uninterrupted.


This website is protected by copyright owned by Foxie. You must not publish, transmit or reproduce or otherwise use any image featured on this website otherwise than for personal use.

Please, no robots

  • Foxie provides the information on this website only for bona fide use by utility consumers which means you agree not to:
  • use any website information for your own commercial purpose (other than as an energy consumer);
  • use any manual or automated process to process, copy, obtain, publish, access or modify any website information whether alone or in combination with other information, data or material (whether that be through using spiders, robots, automated scripts or data scraping); and
  • use repeated, automated or systematic processes to obtain an unusually large number of requests through this website.

Privacy policy

Foxie's privacy policy www.foxie.com.au/privacy-policy describes how we use your personal information and by using this website you confirm that you had read and agreed to our privacy policy.

Changes to these conditions

As Foxie continues to grow and provide its customer an even better service, we may need to vary these conditions. Therefore, it is important to read these conditions each time you use the Foxie service as they may have changed since your last visit.

Last updated April 2018.